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Blogging with org-mode and org2blog


Set-up blogging with org-mode and org2blog

  • I had help from here and here. (Note that in the code to be added to your .emacs file in the first link, there are some typos/errors.)

Test basic org-mode functionality

Test basic org2blog functionality

A modest manifesto

What to expect from this blog

  • General curmudgeonry
  • Data analysis
  • Psuedo-philosophical ramblings with a conservative bent
  • Some economics
  • A little programming
  • Bits of this and that

What not to expect from this blog

  • Regular posts
  • Consistency
  • Rhyme
  • Reason

What I hope to get out of this blog

  • Somewhere to think
  • Motivtion to study computational macro and post about it
  • A collection of writings that I can add to over time
  • Fun with emacs


Big dogs have smaller cats
On their backs to bite ‘em;
And smaller cats have smaller dogs,
And so on, ad infinitum.

– Jonathon Swift