Right Wing Hysteria

Speaking of “right-wing hysteria,” I was reading some of The Guardian’s coverage of the Roma affair, and came across this fascinating article, wherein we meet one of Page Hall’s notorious vigilantes:

Barrie Rees started layering up. Thisulate hat, gloves, a warm jacket, sturdy trainers, his two walking sticks… The 64-year-old was ready to go out on patrol.

Scary, eh? The Guardian certainly think so, describing the patrols by Barry and his pals as, “a development which brought to mind the terrifying militia that have tried to drive gypsies out of villages such as Gyöngyöspata in Hungary.”

In case you didn’t get the message the first time around, The Guardian repeat the allusion in a second article:

The Residents Association of Page Hall, the area of Sheffield where the Roma are concentrated, is on patrol, to monitor and correct their behaviour. To his credit, Blunkett also called on local communities to reach out. If there is anything to fear it’s not that there’ll be a riot but a pogrom.


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