Trends in Modern Warfare

War, which used to be cruel and magnificent, has now become cruel and squalid.

— Winston S. Churchill, My Early Life: A Roving Commission, 1930.

The development of war since Churchill’s day has seen a flourishing of squalidness, and little respite in cruelty. People, when they seem to care for no obvious reason about the means of warfare instead of the ends (drone strikes, for example), are reacting subconsciously to this horrid and dismal reality. As we go ever onwards into the depersonalisation of social relations and the total mechanisation of all life, with armies of killer robots and digitally orchestrated zones of mass extermination, those few remnants of man’s higher nature cry out against it. All to no avail, of course, and with less and less vigour as liberalism’s dominance becomes more complete. Eventually, this too shall pass, as a mass man emerges who cares not for his alienation, who does not shy away from annihilation and the end of humanity, but who celebrates the absence of man and personhood from every sphere — and his own consequent descent to the level of beasts and even of mindless automata — as a historical triumph and the summum bonum itself. Hymen Io Hymen!

(Adapted from a comment at Handle’s Haus.)


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